Why Facebook?

Why Facebook?
Most of our colleagues and  customers have a Facebook account or a Facebook page. This means we can really drill down into our own  markets and brand our businesses to the exact people we want to reach without guesswork. Now your advertising budget can be measured. You can interact with your market on a daily basis. This means that your brand is always front of mind. If they are going to make a purchase, they are going to search for your brand name on Google and not a generic search term. In stead of just searching for washing powder they will search for OMO.





Why Facebook?

And Google?
Google is great,  The platform is vast, and the advertising is just as specific as we can get on Facebook. So we are not discarding Google as a marketing platform, we rather choose to specialize on Facebook, and this is our reason: clients are not searching for your specific product the whole day, they are however interacting on Facebook the whole day. Facebook approaches marketing based on interests over time. Which means we can continually brand your product or service to the market that likes or follows of shows interest in what you offer.



Why Facebook?


How long does it take?
It depends on your product and your customer follow up. Highly targeted and qualified leads will be generated. What you do with with those leads is going to determine the measure of your success. You can start generating sales from the first day you tell us to start  your campaign. If your sales team is on point, your will see phenomenal results.


Case Study


This is why we decided to focus solely on Facebook.

Let's say you are a financial consultant specializing in long term investments. You brand you service continually on Facebook to your target market. Even though customer A is not buying from you yet, they are clicking on your link, and seeing what you offer, in effect doing pre-sale research on your company and product.

Your competition advertises on Google. Client A that is not ready to buy yet, will not be searching for financial services on google yet, thus client A is oblivious to the existence of your competition.

Finally, client A is in the market to invest. Who do you think they are going to search for first?

They will look for the familiar, the one they know. You have been communicating with them all along, and if you have given them value in the form of a free consult, or Report, they will trust you before they trust anyone else. Client A will  contact you first, and if your staff are well trained you will get the business before a Google search is made for your service.